Each module can work together or separately, using a common or separate database. You decide which modules and in what configuration you need. We will design the Certusoft ERP integrated system according to your company's current and future needs!

A modern, online generation of software for companies

Certusoft ERP software is a modern, comprehensive IT system that supports enterprise management. The system consists of many modules covering different areas of company operations, such as finance and accounting, workflow system, complaints, loyalty programs, analysis, purchasing and warehouse, logistics and sales, fixed assets, CRM, PIM, MWM, or time registration. It's up to our clients to decide what modules and in what configuration they currently need - regardless of whether it's software for trading companies, wholesalers, warehouse management, or an application for an online store and e-commerce support.

The software has a wide functional scope and uses a fast, stable, and efficient database so that every user receives up-to-date information. Business decisions are made on the basis of consistent and accurate information founded the latest data from all areas of the company's operations.

Certusoft ERP program is based on web-based solutions, with a powerful and stable database running in the cloud. The data center has excellent technical conditions and meets demanding, high-security conditions for data and equipment.

Advantages of implementing Certusoft enterprise software

All Certusoft programs run on a single platform, so they can be freely combined and developed. A consistent, user-friendly interface ensures speed of work, intuitiveness, and ease of learning how to use it. The multilingualism of the entire Certusoft system ensures ease to use by speakers of different languages. We provide our customers with full implementation support, from analysis, design, implementation, training, service, ongoing system updates and development, and keeping up with legal and technological changes.


Implementation of projects according to proven project methodology

We carry out projects from the analysis and design stage through system preparation, user training, product launch, and system maintenance. Completion of each stage of software development is subject to verification, which allows us to implement projects within the assumed costs and deadlines.


Software in the outsourcing model

In the outsourcing model, the software runs on servers located in a modern data center. We provide infrastructure administration, maintenance, and software development services. The cost of hardware infrastructure, system infrastructure, Internet connections, system software, and administration remain with Certusoft as part of the client's monthly fee. We provide system maintenance based on SLA (Service Level Agreement).


We provide hardware, system and communication infrastructure

We have a professional server room with modern access control, 24-hour building security, an alarm system, a dedicated power supply, and an air conditioning system. Our servers and security systems assure data security and continuity of operations. We have a broadband symmetrical Internet access link and a backup link.

Benefits of cooperation you can expect

Our team has over 25 years of experience developing and implementing business management software. We specialize in the production and outsourcing of proprietary business support systems.

Experience and knowledge

As a qualified team, we provide support at every stage of the software investment.

Latest technologies

During our software development, we use current industry and modern technological solutions.

Data security

We provide data centers that meet the appropriate technical conditions and SSL certificates on web connections.

Comprehensive solutions

Our software meets the needs of the enterprise and grows with it.

Stability and reliability

We develop the application based on a stable and efficient database, which ensures the speed of access to resources and information.

Software service

We guarantee the provision of maintenance services to ensure the safety of system use.

Process optimization

The system we develop integrates, streamlines, organizes, monitors, and automates the company's business processes.

Friendly interface

We prepared the use of the application for speed of work and ease of learning its use.

System upgrade

We keep up with legal and technological changes, so our system is continuously developing and updated.

Cloud ERP outsourcing

Outsourcing services and systems allow our clients to focus on their core business. It enables them to optimize their company's internal processes and headcount. By reducing costs, they create the opportunity to invest in the company's core business. Software based on state-of-the-art technologies is prepared for company needs and allows rapid scaling and expansion.

We provide access to Certusoft ERP on any device with a web browser. Our solution does not require installation on customers' devices. All services are handled on our side. Each of our customers benefits from the modern software they need.

Our platform and technologies we use

The Certusoft Platform is characterized by its modernity, security, openness, and accessibility.

We use state-of-the-art modern web technologies such as Vue.js and HTML 5. The application builds on a cross-platform Node.js runtime environment supported by a scalable and highly efficient Microsoft SQL Server database management system.

We use a three-layer system construction technology. Our clients have access via an encrypted SSL protocol to ensure the safety of all data and operations.

The architecture of our platform can be easily extended with new functionalities. Flexible and modular design allows for adding additional features in the future.

Our system components are based on technologies that are widely known in the market. This gives us full control and the ability to independently develop the application in directions that best meet the needs of our customers.

Professional Data Centre - reliability and security

Professional Data Centre - reliability and security


The hardware and system infrastructure is a professional data center with modern access control, 24/7 building security, alarm system, dedicated power supply and air conditioning system. Our servers and security systems provide assurance of data security and continuity of business operations. The communication infrastructure is a broadband symmetrical internet access link and a backup link.

Cooling system

Our Data Centre has a professional cooling system. The redundancy of all installations, such as cooling units and pumps, ensures stability and continuity of operation at all times under optimum conditions.

Fire protection

The modern fire protection system has smoke detection systems and separate extinguishing zones. The entire system is the 4th generation building management system, and has a permanent connection to the nearest fire department.

Security system

A physical security system is a multi-layered access control. Electronic access control using biometrics, physical access control of visitors, 24-hour security, video and electronic surveillance. Only authorised persons are allowed access, and all entrances are monitored and recorded by a set of sensors and cameras throughout the Data Centre's external and internal areas.

Power supply

The power supply for the entire facility provide two independent power lines. The Data Centre is equipped with an automatic back-up switching system. A redundant power line, battery power system and generators ensure uninterrupted power supply to all servers even under full load.

How we implement our system

Our priorities are flexibility, transparency, and rapid delivery of high-quality products. We treat each of our clients individually, so we carry out implementation in several stages: business requirements analysis, project initiation, implementation of requirements, training, production launch, stabilization, and closing the project.

Business requirements analysis

In this stage, along with our client, we determine and discuss what business processes should be transferred to the system level, complete the team, and establish an action plan and implementation schedule.

What does this phase look like?

This stage begins with establishing a joint project team, discussing the tools and notations to be used, establishing a plan and schedule for the entire implementation. We specify all the necessary processes that will go into the project.

The starting point for creating a hierarchical list of processes is a map of top-level processes (e.g., handling product sales, handling procurement, etc.).

The main processes are then decomposed to the level of basic processes, representing simple activities that take place at a single point in time, such as printing an invoice. The core process is handled in the target solution most often by a single system functionality.

Core processes are detailed by describing the execution context, execution procedure, additional user requirements, data structures, document and report templates, and access and execution rights.

Additional elements of the analysis include concept dictionaries, data dictionaries and a detailed project schedule.

Project initiation

This phase includes confirming the team from Certusoft and our client's side. We define the responsibilities of the project team members. We approve the developed work schedule. In addition, we establish the principles of control and communication between all project team members.

Implementation of requirements

The longest phase of the entire implementation begins. We work in a prototype approach methodology. We regularly deliver smaller parts of the final solution. From the very beginning, our clients are included in the process, which is carried out practically simultaneously with the training stage.

What does this phase look like?

This prototyping approach base on prepare functionalities that support single core processes, which were identified at the business requirements analysis stage.

The created prototype commission to Key Users for testing. At this point, the training stage launch in parallel (more below, training stage).

Key Users need to learn the basic principles of operation and the system interface. This provides an opportunity to test the prepared functionality. Developers receive guidance and commentary from Key Users.

After corrections are made, tested by the developer and the prototype is approved, the functionality becomes part of the project. Such an iteration is repeated until the requirements are met.

The basic process, which added into the software, is the fulfillment of the implementation objectives. This methodology makes it possible to verify the progress of the development.

The development cycle should close in two weeks. The cyclical weekly check of the project provides information about the completion of the feature development, reports on the status of the work along with current issues and risks. Confirms which functionalities will be implemented during the upcoming development period.


The training phase has a dual nature depending on the system user type. The first part of the training takes place during the prototype requirements implementation (single features) and aims at Key Users. The second part of the training aims at other system users and is conducted only after acceptance of the entire project.

Production launch

This is the most critical stage for our client. At this point, users start using the system under business conditions. The requirements defined at the business requirements analysis stage and executed at the implementation of the requirements stage work in the mark and accepted format.


After the production launch, our developers support all users during the first period of work on the new system. This stage includes the training stage for the remaining users.

Closing the project

At this point, the implementation project is closed and settled. From this point on, the maintenance stage of the system begins. Any further development work is under the framework of the request system and service procedure.

System maintenance and further development

We are confident in our products, so we guarantee continuous maintenance of the systems we implement.

We provide our customers with high-quality warranty and maintenance services within the response and repair times agreed with our customers. Our SLAs (Service Level Agreements) guarantee the security and reliability of Certusoft systems.

To maintain the high quality and control of requests, we have prepared a dedicated Certusoft HelpDesk request system. Our client can report, classify the case accordingly, and then follow up on the performance of the service commitment by the Certusoft team.

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