Automate purchase orders

Automate your sales analysis, inventory forecasting and ordering processes to eliminate lost sales and reduce overstocks and out-of-stocks.

Reducing excess merchandise inventory and optimizing assortment is what we can promise by implementing our solution to ensure automatic inventory ordering formation.

Certusoft's software uses sales and inventory information and machine learning elements. The analysis and ordering methodology benefits from the category of goods and the essence and business requirements.

Optimization of staff time by automating the processes of goods order preparation is a selection of reasons why we created this solution. We can use historical data and improve the company's turnover rates. You can see immediate positive results.

You increase the availability of the goods you sell. By automatically sending orders to suppliers, you ensure that products arrive at the point of sale at the right time and in the right quantity.

Order automation means better supply chain management

  • Generator of orders to suppliers based on advanced sales analysis.
  • Optimal inventory management.
  • Automation of orders to suppliers relieves the duty on the purchasing department.
  • Automatic replenishment of warehouse stocks.

Demand for goods based on sales data

Our centralized network commodity inventory management and monitoring tool provide monitoring of inventory movement. Lost sales are lost profit. Analysis tools automatically ensure a safe amount of stock. Automated inventory management eases the responsibility of employees. Preventing overstocks and out-of-stocks thus allowing helps save time and money. Automatically generated orders for merchandise eliminate lost sales.

Our tool includes analysis. It predicts sales trends and seasonality of sales. Procurement planning personnel have order proposals prepared for suppliers ahead of time. On-time delivery of goods is the main task of our solution. Therefore, our application takes into account delivery times from each supplier.

Handling the whole sales network

What are the benefits of order automation? With a unified system, you process stocking proposals and place purchase orders for the entire sales network. Multiple POS and warehouses receive goods based on automated orders from external suppliers and company headquarters. Goods are distributed regularly and as needed. Integration of suppliers through electronic exchange of order documents reduces the risk of errors, speeds up delivery of goods and eliminates lost sales. Certusoft system means higher quality orders to suppliers and increased efficiency in the procurement department.

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