Inventory replenishment software

Ensure you have the right amount of the right products to meet demand and keep your inventory in perfect balance. By reducing backlogs or shortages in local warehouses, you eliminate the risk of loss or missed opportunities and ensure sales continuity.

Our Certusoft Replenishment solution supports the business by streamlining the process of stocking warehouses and POS in the enterprise:

  • It analyzes more than 275,000 products on a daily basis,
  • More than 2,100 warehouses and points of sale are optimally replenished,
    Serving more than 9,100 suppliers and manufacturers,
  • It allows to exceeding the more than 32,600,000 sales transactions that our clients make each year.

You increase the efficiency of your company's inventory turns. You reduce the need for company resources to analyze and manage your inventory processes. Minimize lost sales, overstocks, and out-of-stocks by maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Inventory Turn Analysis for Replenishment and Replenishment Planning

You have an analytical tool that takes into account many variables such as sales, lost sales, and current inventory. Inventory information is automatically retrieved. This includes the ability to pull data from external ERP or WMS systems.

  • Integration with warehouse management systems.
  • Integration with ERP systems.
  • Support for mobile warehouse operations.
  • Analyze with accuracy to the product.
  • Inventory control with point-of-sale accuracy.
  • Time-based analysis.
  • Deliveries in transit to the point of sale.
  • Sales in an analyzed time interval.
  • Dividing warehouses into selling groups.
  • Calculation of warehouse shares based on sales.
  • Products and warehouses grouped according to products.

Sales and forecasts on a weekly basis for optimal stocking levels

Automatic stocking from the very first days with the possibility to import historical data and quickly forecast the sales for the next quarters, the next six months, and other defined time periods.

  • Visualization of inventory forecast with sales forecast and delivery plan.
  • Automatically suggest what and how much to order from suppliers.
  • Ability to forecast sales for new products that have yet to be introduced into the company's product portfolio.
  • Apply adjustments to purchase order proposals based on sales and inventory forecasts.

Our tool is also used for analysis. It predicts sales trends and seasonality of sales. Purchasing has prepared well-prepared proposals for ordering from suppliers. On-time delivery of goods is the main task of our solution. Therefore, it takes into account the time needed for each supplier to deliver.

  • Calculation of sales trends in the selected period.
  • Definition of the impact of trends on the way product quantities are calculated for logistics sessions.
  • Dates of fixed and movable holidays to determine working days.

Control the availability level of the best products in the network

The level of product availability in the distribution network is automatically controlled by the Certusoft Replenishment system. The system generates a grouping of products according to the volume of sales in a given period of time. The system calculates the percentage level of availability of products from this group at the points of sale for each sales grouping, such as Top 10, Top 20, and Top 30. Controlling the level of availability in relation to the best-selling products results in an effective increase in sales of the best-selling products by increasing their level of availability in stores. The system automatically notifies the chain's employees responsible for stocking about the possible under-availability of top-selling products in individual stores, which leads to the elimination of the effect of lost sales.

Purchase budget management and merchandise planning

Easily integrate your purchasing budgets into your replenishment process. The system uses set limits for analysis. You have the assurance that orders to external suppliers will not be in excess of the set financial limits. The financial controlling department can check the budget accuracy before sending the order to the manufacturer or supplier. They can then approve the order and send it on for further processing.

  • Setting up a budget for purchasing commercial goods.
  • Handling foreign currencies and converting them to the base currency.
  • Amounts of purchase orders are reflected in the combined purchase order budget.
  • Approval of the relevant company department is required to exceed the budget.

Order generation process management support

Proposed orders to be sent to suppliers are automatically generated based on defined planning models. Orders can be generated daily on the basis of input parameters.

  • Products can be treated as new shipments distributed directly to individual warehouses.
  • Automatically suggest interwarehouse transfers based on inventory.
  • Suggestions for stocking a central warehouse from an external supplier.
  • Defined calculation algorithms based on external and internal documents.
  • Full information about the generated proposal with description and delivery details.

Point of Sale Planning Models

Give your organization flexibility. Automate the stocking and replenishment process. With planning models, you create templates that are used to generate logistics sessions. Defined algorithms calculate product quantities for stocking items for deliveries from external vendors. They also calculate transfer proposals from the central warehouse and local warehouses.

Grouping of warehouses by sales and storage priorities

Group warehouses based on the analysis of sales in the selected period. Forget about manual analysis and let our software assign warehouses to the right groups. Once you set minimum and maximum sales and stock, the system will prioritize stocking.

  • Groups allow you to apply different models of inventory management.
  • A list of warehouses subject to stock analysis and inventory management can be associated with a group of products.
  • Ability to include or exclude warehouses to be excluded from inventorying.
  • Ability to import warehouse structure from external files.

Calculate stock based on central warehouse inventory

Automate the distribution of goods based on central warehouse deliveries to all or selected stores with our software. You can quickly reduce inventory levels and easily redistribute backordered merchandise.

  • Suggest replenishment based on central warehouse inventory.
  • Automate inter-warehouse transfer documents without creating delivery requests.
  • Quickly de-stocking warehouses.
  • Reduce the risk of out-of-stocks.

Analysis of transfers and orders including packing

Do you sell products in batches? Or perhaps in packages? Our solution considers such a scenario. The system treats products that appear under several symbols as one. This allows for realistic, reliable, and up-to-date inventory management. Not only for product lines but also the same products ordered from different suppliers and manufacturers. When generating suggestions for orders and transfers, the system also takes into account products that appear in bulk packaging.

  • Products with different symbols can be treated as one product.
  • Movement of products in set quantities.
  • The number of pieces contained in the bulk packaging is used to calculate the demand for goods.
  • Consideration of logistics minimums with supplier accuracy.

Warehouse replenishment as a part of an ERP system

Warehouse replenishment is just one possible component of the larger ecosystem. Warehouse replenishment can be part of logistics processes, sales, purchasing, or even working with business partners and franchisees. Inventory replenishment can also be supported by mobile applications for the terminals in the warehouse. All of these are just a few examples of the areas that are supported by Certusoft ERP. Certusoft Replenishment is integrated with systems and applications such as Asseco Softlab ERP, SAP, Subiekt, Synaptic - ISP, iHurt - Infover and others with the help of our Certusoft Connector tool for data exchange with external systems.

To see how many areas of your business can be handled in one centralized application, take a look at our other solutions and implementations for our clients.

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