Complaint management system

Manage the complaint processing more efficiently. With our solution, you will handle all complaints, from those received from customers to those submitted to suppliers.

Complaint management is often time-consuming and inefficient. Retrieving documents, checking availability, analyzing shortages, and searching for contractors are just some of the tasks employees have to do manually to file a claim. With our online software, work becomes smoother and faster, and handling complaints about goods or services becomes more efficient.

Effective complaint management in the online software

The claims handling system is a solution developed by the Certusoft team as a central application for receiving and handling the entire claims process. Users of the application have a unified working environment accessible via a web browser.

The customer complaint handling module we developed helps save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction through a fully automated complaint management process. The software also reduces manual data entry by linking purchasing, inventory files, and deliveries.

The complaints process management system allows you to build quality customer service. However, this is not the only functional domain of the complaints software. Friendly and intuitive functions make work easier and as the result, the employee can spend less time handling claims and more time performing their duties and building business value.

Comprehensive complaint handling program

A professional complaint-handling program provides companies and the entire supply chain with a digitized tool for quality service as an important component of a modern and competitive economy.

The claims management system is designed to handle different types of complaints - including complaints from suppliers, customers, and stores.

Each type of complaint has its specific function, which is initiated when such a type is submitted. The system maintains the connection between complaints and related documentation and enables the processing of complaints according to a specific business process.

Implementation of the claims program

Certusoft claims handling system is designed to integrate with other functionalities from the company's workflow system. Our offer includes the service of implementing a professional complaint-handling program. We also have implementation experience for many industries such as home and garden store chains or mobile network operators.

Mobile application for complaints

Additional support for complaints management is our mobile solution. We have prepared store terminal software integrated with the handling of warehouse documentation. The advantage of this solution is that it also uses warehouse documents. Based on the claims are automatically generated and can be sent digitally to suppliers.

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