Contract management software

Forget about manual control of contract fulfillment! Our software will see to the fulfillment of contractual conditions and you can focus on your business!

Anticipate discounts for sales, and account for discounts for purchases. Analyze contract performance on an ongoing basis and make better business decisions. Control accounting and financial matters even better. Forget about missed deadlines with automation. The modern cloud-based business system is the most convenient solution for each of these purposes.

Modern business systems support the control and implementation of contracts. With our solutions, you can easily control and account for the implementation of all terms and conditions. Whether your contracts are in the area of commerce and need to be related to sales and purchases, or they are related to accounting and you need to control the terms of service.  Our applications provide support in these and many other business areas.

Support the implementation of contracts signed with the accounting office

Control the timeliness of tasks in your accounting. Our software allows you to monitor the activities and timely completion of conditions relevant to accounting, financial, and tax issues. In doing so, it notifies the employee when tasks need to get performed. It sends information to clients about tax obligations. Everything is in an automated manner and always follows the terms of the agreed scope of financial and accounting services.

  • Tasks for employees generated based on conditions from the contract.
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to the right account manager.
  • Control of cyclical and one-time tasks.
  • Automatic notifications to the responsible person and supervisor.
  • Notifications and reminders to customers.

Retroactive rebate contracts software

With our solutions, your company can settle retroactive rebate contracts (retro discounts) at the system level. The method of calculation is governed by the provisions of trade agreements, which determine the calculation of the final value of the retro discount. Our application controls the fulfillment of the terms and conditions based on documentation related to commercial processes. Discounts can be calculated on such data as turnover, types of goods, type of sale, and type of purchase. The system user has access to periodic reports and information on the amount of discount due and expected.

  • Retroactive rebate purchase agreements.
  • Retroactive rebate sales contracts.
  • Control of commercial terms from contracts.
  • Forecasting purchase and sales discounts.
  • Automatic settlement of contracts.

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