PIM systems

An effective PIM system is crutial for your e-commerce, e-business, and desktop sales strategy. Our software will help your business manage all your products and services!

Our Certusoft PIM software is an enhanced product and service catalog that brings advanced product information management capabilities. It provides data consolidation from multiple sources, verification, systematization, enrichment and sharing.

Product information management system

Certusoft PIM is another of our modules that help you reign in all the information in your product or service catalog. It works as an independent tool. We successfully integrate our product description system with other business systems like sales systems and databases for sales in extensive sales networks. Our electronic catalog can support business partnership activities by feeding the entire network of franchisees and their local databases with consistent information provided by the franchisor.

PIM system is effective product management for:

  • Food industry.
  • FMCG industry.
  • Distribution industry.
  • Publishing industry.
  • Electrical engineering industry.
  • Online sales.
  • Stationary sales.
  • Multi-channel product sales.
  • Dedicated online stores.
  • Any business area where the quality of product information is important.

What are the benefits of the PIM system?

The PIM system helps you manage product information. It allows you to aggregate, organize, prepare, and share product data across multiple channels. Properly prepared product data can be made available to channels such as B2B portals, B2C online stores, e-commerce, auction portals, social media, brochures, and other areas of your company where high quality product information is needed.

The our mature information management system effectively integrates data from various sources, verifies it, systematizes it, standardizes it, and enriches it. The PIM tools we have prepared allow product information to appear at points of sale quickly and in the right form.

PIM for e-commerce

Supporting e-commerce systems is one of the main tasks of the PIM system.  If you run an e-commerce business, you need a PIM system. Properly prepared product data significantly increases sales efficiency and provides a consistent customer buying experience regardless of the sales channel. With PIM, e-commerce platforms, stores, distributors, and other partners have access to the same centrally stored data of sufficient quality. We are happy to offer a PIM system that will support your business processes in the form you need and the best quality you expect.

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