Certusoft IT systems optimize, automate and support your company's business processes. Check out our selected implementations and see what business areas and needs Certusoft software support!

Capital market

The capital market places high demands on the security of both cash, the circulation of documentation and the tools used. Read how our software can assist in the compliance process and asset trading at a financial institution.

Complaint Management System

A claims handling system allows the claims process to be automated. Modern software allows the entire process to be carried out electronically. On top of this, it relieves employees of the burden of analyzing the relationship between documentation, goods and customers complaining about goods or services. This is particularly important in the case of inter-company relationships and a large turnover of goods.


A system that helps to settle contracts means certainty in their execution. Regardless of the complexity of the contract terms, the software allows you to take each of them to the level of automatic processes. Regardless of whether a company wants to settle one-off contracts or cyclical contracts, our system will help with this. Accounting contract settlements, control of the implementation of retro discount contracts are only selected examples supported by Certusoft software.


A cloud-based workflow system means automation and digitization of company processes, less paper, greater security and great convenience. Your own workflow and approval path regardless of the size of your organization. The size of your organization and its nature do not matter. Circulation of financial and accounting documents? Acceptance of expense documents? Approval of holidays or business trips? These are just a selection of the scenarios that Certusoft SOD supports.


Online sales offer additional opportunities to increase the number of customers. Wholesale, business-to-business distribution, digital product trading, a business-to-consumer offer or a consumer-focused strategy are just some of the possibilities. Take a look at selected implementations related to the e-commerce market. See how our software meets your requirements, regardless of the nature of the industry it supports.

Finance and accounting

With finance and accounting software, you can settle VAT, CIT, PIT, prepare JPK, prepare reports and balance sheets. Prepare transfer packages, import and export reports, documents for factoring or contract settlements. Verify contractors and manage the circulation of financial documents in many companies simultaneously. See how our accounting software supports companies regardless of their nature and size.

Loyalty Management Software

Building long-term relationships with your customers and then maintaining them is the main objective of a loyalty program. It helps to reduce costs incurred on promotion and advertising when choosing the right loyalty program strategy. Customer engagement, whether individual or business, can be rewarded in many ways. With material prizes, discounts on goods, individually tailored discounts and promotions.

Mobile apps

Mobility and mobile devices are not bypassing business. Employees use phones and tablets with a permanent internet connection in their daily work. Modern companies are following the trends and using mobile applications to increase the efficiency and profitability of their business. See how our customers are using mobile applications to support warehouse work, sales, order preparation, transport orders and goods distribution.


Franchising, distribution, business partnerships, local manufacturers - whatever the nature and scope of business cooperation your company has adopted, our software is the system to support franchising in Poland. Handling sales between partners, electronic flow of documentation, a shop for franchises, sales portals for B2B partners, orders directed to partners, joint marketing activities are only selected areas of cooperation and integration.

PIM system

Managing thousands and sometimes even millions of records is not possible without modern IT solutions. The PIM system is an innovative tool for managing and enriching product information. Read about the realizations at our customers who have increased their productivity and improved their operational efficiency. See how PIM supports areas such as online sales, wholesale and retail distribution, customer relations and much more.


Economic processes are complex and trade is no different. Buying, selling, moving goods, using and providing services, retailing, international trade are only selected and general elements of economic activity. On top of that, there is a whole cross-section of actors involved in this process, from suppliers to buyers to customers.

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