A cloud-based workflow system means automation and digitization of company processes, less paper, greater security and great convenience. Your own workflow and approval path regardless of the size of your organization. The size of your organization and its nature do not matter. Circulation of financial and accounting documents? Acceptance of expense documents? Approval of holidays or business trips? These are just a selection of the scenarios that Certusoft SOD supports.


Implementationfor the company Publicat

Document Management System and Corporate Expense Management

Internal and external processes have been streamlined with Certusoft's workflow and corporate expense management application. Linking transactions directly to documents at the system level facilitates the work of company employees and allow business plans to be implemented more efficiently.

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Implementationfor the company Commerbook

Documentation management system in the accounting office

The efficient exchange of financial and accounting documents is an obvious requirement in today's world. Commerbook accountants can serve their clients more easily with Certusoft DMS.

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