Franchising, distribution, business partnerships, local manufacturers - whatever the nature and scope of business cooperation your company has adopted, our software is the system to support franchising in Poland. Handling sales between partners, electronic flow of documentation, a shop for franchises, sales portals for B2B partners, orders directed to partners, joint marketing activities are only selected areas of cooperation and integration.


Realizacja dla firmy Tryumf

Online store for business partners

Tryumf works with almost 300 business partners. The partners are both B2B customers and suppliers of products for the online store. When ordering medals, cups, trophies or statuettes, customers can choose a supplier to fulfill their order.

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Realizacja dla firmy Grodno

Nationwide sales and franchise partnership in electrotechnical market

Our software supports the management of cooperation between Grodno Company and franchisees. It provides integration and exchange of information about products available in the central warehouse, processing of orders from franchisees and electronic exchange of documents between partners.

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