Warehouse management software

Support your sales with efficient warehouse network management - from central warehouse supply to distribution in an extensive network of local and partner warehouses!

Certusoft Warehouse module is a tool that supports technical, organizational, and logistic processes in the company related to the execution of orders and turnover of goods. It provides the ability to create complex warehouse structures, including handling the warehouses of external partners (POS, franchise partners, subcontractors). Thanks to cooperation with mobile terminals, it automates warehouse operations.

  • Stock control.
  • Inventory of the warehouse.
  • Transfers between locations.
  • Advising of deliveries.
  • Acceptance of deliveries.
  • Issue of goods.
  • Mobile warehouse app.

Sales orders and waybills

Execute sales by linking documentation to warehouse operations. The system provides data insights into logistics data and delivery addresses. Warehouse documentation can be directly linked to sales documents. Not only external release documents but also invoices and fiscal receipts can affect the inventories. Each document is related to the execution of deliveries and orders.

Our solution allows you to send delivery documents from within the system to the email address of contractors or through API integration and electronic exchange of e-documents. Automate processes and reduce the involvement of people needed in warehouse operations.

Multiple operated warehouses within a single enterprise

Certusoft ERP provides the ability to create complex warehouse structures. Warehouse networks can include not only internal warehouses but also can apply to warehouses of business partners. Our software allows you to change the structure of the warehouse network. Users get access to data depending on the warehouse in which they work and its level of authorization in the organization.

Mobile warehouse app

The perfect supplement to your warehouse management system is a mobile warehouse app. With Certusoft MWM, you can increase the productivity of your employees. By providing them with a modern mobile tool that is part of your company's whole warehouse and logistics ecosystem. With mobile warehouse terminals, it is possible to perform all operations, from receiving deliveries through inventory control, picking orders for customers, and issuing goods.

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