Finance and accounting software

Finance and accounting software for businesses of all types and sizes. Support in the circulation of financial documents, sales, tax settlements, work settlements, and cost document settlements.

Our solution is used by accounting offices, companies operating in the domestic and foreign markets, and selling to individual and business customers.

With Certusoft Finance and Accounting you will settle Polish and EU tax documents such as VAT, CIT, PIT, prepare and send JPK, and prepare reports and balance sheets. You will manage contracts, employees working hours, and their business trips. Prepare transfer packages, INTRASTAT import and export reports, documents for factoring or contract settlements. Quickly and conveniently verify your contractors and control the circulation of financial documents in multiple companies simultaneously. All this in compliance with accounting principles, current regulations and the requirements of private companies and public institutions.

Recording financial documents with the Office Journal

Our software allows you to record expense documents regardless of their origin, whether you need a simple accounting program for your company or an accounting program designed for the clients of an accounting firm.

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Keep your books regardless of how the transactions are currency denominated. Let the software do the calculations for your accounting needs. Create accounting schemes on the basis of a chart of accounts, which is created in accordance with your company's accounting principles and business model.

  • Anywhere, anytime add expense invoices.
  • Domestic, EU and non-EU invoices.
  • Preparation of automatic booking templates.
  • Import invoices in the form of XML and CSV files.

Foreign trade transactions and the automatic settlement of exchange rate differences

Certusoft Finance and Accounting makes international trade easier. You will automatically post EU invoices, calculate and deduct VAT and everything will be automatically recorded in JPK (Unified control file for VAT settlements in Poland).

Exchange rate differences are accounted for in the corresponding accounting. Our system can calculate both realized and unrealized exchange rate differences. It allows you to calculate monthly, quarterly and annual balance sheets.

Automatic generation of INTRASTAT declarations

The Certusoft system contains all the information needed to provide statistical information on the export and import of goods within the European Union. In just a few steps, a company employee can generate an INTRASTAT declaration. Independently for imports and exports of goods.

Flag of the European Union in front of the EU-Parliament in Brussels, Belgium

The structured files, which comply with the legal and technical requirements, can be exported and used for the electronic submission of declarations through the AIS/INTRASTAT ICT system, which is part of the Electronic Customs Services Portal (PUESC).

JPK, VAT, PIT declaration

Preparation of PIT calculations and preparation of content for JPK files is possible with our software. All the data necessary for the preparation of the documents are stored in a central database. The system checks their correctness and indicates irregularities. Prepared JPK files can be sent to the Polish National Tax Administration (KAS) directly from the program.

White list, VIES and CSO data

Accounting software is a convenience when it comes to verifying the data of your business partners. With our software, you can quickly add new contractors from the CSO database, and verify them in CSO and VIES. You can check whether their accounts are on the so-called white list in the Contractor Database. The system will also inform you if there are any problems with the account during the creation of bank transfer packages.

Sales and invoicing from anywhere

Online accounting is the ability to issue sales documents anytime, anywhere. With our software, you can create sales invoices that are sent directly to your customers.

Connection to printers and fiscal from anywhere

The Certusoft Finance and Accounting solution is a complementary solution to all Certusoft solutions. This includes retail sales processing.

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The number of locations does not matter. Locations all over the country are connected to the central system. Each issued receipt is displayed in the system, fiscalized and then automatically posted and accounted for.

Process cash transactions in a financial and accounting program

With our software, you will manage cash transactions. Cash deposits and withdrawals are fully supported. The number of cash registers and their locations do not matter. Receipts can even be made in the mobile application used by employees in the field. At the end of each day, cash can be settled and the cash register can be cleared at the financial and accounting level.

Fixed asset entry and depreciation plan generation

Recording fixed assets can be fast and convenient. Our software provides the ability to record documents along with a preview of attachments associated with a given asset. This allows you to easily perform balance sheet and tax depreciation.

  • Record fixed assets.
  • Create depreciation schedules.
  • Record documents related to a fixed asset.
  • Create depreciation forecasts for fixed assets.


With our application, you do not need to monitor accruals. Once entered, an expense document is included in your monthly posting. You can easily book insurance, subscriptions, and other annual payments that are billed monthly with one click or automatically.

Warehouse operations linked to financial and accounting software

Sales is also a warehouse workflow. Through integration with the financial system, it is possible to create sales documents, such as invoices and receipts, based on external expense documents. Multiple A/P documents related to a single vendor can be settled in a single document. Such an invoice is finally posted according to the company's accounting scheme.

The impact of financial documents on the stock is not insignificant. Our software allows you to configure the impact on inventory. External release documents reduce their positions. Invoices and receipts can work in a similar way, i.e. immediately after their issue, they reduce the stock of issued goods.

  • Automatic fiscal.
  • Automatic posting of a cash receipt.

Classifiers, or linking inventory documents

The classifiers make it possible to link inventory documents, such as external sales documents, to the corresponding invoices. This is an additional control of the documentation, which significantly improves the control of purchases together with the inventory.

Cost Document Circulation and Approval Paths

When it comes to the circulation of cost documentation, good accounting software is a great help. With our application, it is possible to freely configure the rules for granting circulation in the approval path. Cost documents can be entered from the lowest level of the organization, at the source of the cost, and then settled at the level of the whole organization.

What's more, our software is a great convenience for the user because of the single approval window. It does not matter how many units and at what level a user is responsible for accepting a document. All items appear in one account, in one window to get the document accepted.

Automatically allocate costs by department

Does your company have multiple locations? Do you need to quickly calculate the cost of purchasing fuel and other materials at the level of the entire organization? In our application, you can use dimensions. That is, they are prepared in accordance with the applicable chart of accounts and organizational rules of cost allocation, according to the internal requirements of the organization. With just one click, the entered document will have a breakdown of the costs for all the line items. The mechanism allows you to perform control in parallel with the company's books.

Simultaneous work in multiple windows and companies

Do you have several clients? Do you want to make your accounting more efficient without worrying about data synchronization? Take advantage of our solution! Certusoft Finance and Accounting works in the cloud. The powerful database and web browser access allows you to work with multiple open windows.

Balance sheet, fixed assets, bank statements, and accounts at the same time? No problem. You can open as many tabs as you want, and changes to the data are instantly recorded and reflected at the company-wide level.

Are you an accounting company with multiple clients? Do you want to take care of one client's invoices and keep an eye on another client's to-do list? You can do it with our program. All by logging in with a single login and password assigned to all the clients you serve.

Bank transfer packages and statement processing

We have already implemented several integrations with banks on the Polish market. With the help of our accounting application, you will be able to comfortably settle accounts by generating files according to the bank's requirements. At the same time, the system will check which statements are unpaid and whether the counterparty's bank number is correct.

After making the transfers, you can easily settle the statements. The system itself allocates and settles all items. If necessary, it can combine all employee salaries into one monthly payment. Viewing detailed salary information is limited to authorized persons.

Create offsets quickly and easily

Track multiple transfers for one invoice. Where are all the invoices for this transfer? Which accountant does not know this? We know what difficulties and tasks accountants face. In Certusoft Finance and Accounting, creating offsets is limited to selecting all the documents of interest and pressing a button. The system automatically takes into account the counterparty and all data when creating the offset.

Accounts Receivable Aging

Due to the fact that our software is customized to the needs of the company, any configuration related to the aging of settlements is possible. Quick information on how many items are before the due date, and how many are after the due date. The system downloads all data automatically. Export of data is possible, among others, for the purpose of cooperation with banks.

Generate balance sheets and profit and loss statements

Generate a balance sheet quickly and at any time. All data is contained in a unified system that controls the flow of documents on a company-wide level. Each balance sheet is displayed in the application window and can be exported for analysis in external programs.

Factoring - generating documents for the needs of factoring companies

Our clients use factoring services. For their needs, we have prepared a module for generating documents with the necessary invoices. The file is prepared in a standardized form according to the integration requirements of the factoring company.

Automatic notification of tax receivables

The automatic notification mechanism is excellent support for accounting. With Certusoft Finance and Accounting, you can forget about missed deadlines for tax payments. It is the system that remembers the amounts to be paid for VAT, PIT, CIT, ZUS, etc. The notification is sent by e-mail until the office client confirms its receipt.

Business Software for Case Billing, Micro Orders and Invoicing

Do you have multiple contracts with one customer? Do you provide services and want the client to know exactly what they are paying for? With our software, you can manage all your contracts, assign cases to them, and then bill them. The system controls when and which case is assigned to the right employee. It's as simple as one-time or recurring. Forget about notebooks and calendars, complete tasks on time and charge them to accounting.

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Time tracking with accounting

No matter how many tasks an employee is working on, our software allows you to closely monitor each one. At the same time, it does not matter how many clients he implements cases for. Each will be recorded and then settled on the sales document.

Mileage and business travel accounting

Our solution makes it possible to account for the cost of using private cars for business purposes. The system performs calculations with the accuracy of the vehicle on the basis of kilometers entered by the employee. Monthly mileage calculations are performed automatically, taking into account the current rate per kilometer.

Online accounting software for accountants and other businesses

Online accounting, corporate bookkeeping, managing sole proprietorships, trading companies, keeping P&L and income statements, full accounting, and managing multiple entities with a single accounting application are just a few examples. You can learn more about the other elements of our software, including support for finance and accounting in our implementations.

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