Fast-track implementation of a PIM system for electrical wholesalers

Fast-track implementation of a PIM system for electrical wholesalers

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FEGIME Polska is a distribution network that brings together companies involved in electrical wholesale. The company notes the high level of quality of the offered products, their availability and the combination of flexibility and the nature of family businesses with the best practices developed in the European market. In order to further develop and strengthen its position in the market, the company decided to implement the Certusoft PIM system. The implementation of the system allowed the centralization of product data in the electrical industry, making it easier to manage, update and share. As a result, the company was able to respond more quickly to its customer's needs and meet their requirements.

The company has always been committed to quality and customer trust, and the implementation of the PIM system was a further step towards meeting their needs even better. The professional and long-term technical support provided by the company allowed it to offer the best quality service to its partners. The implementation of the PIM system was a natural step in this direction, allowing the company to get even closer to its business partners and increase their satisfaction with the services provided.

PIM system for the electrical industry: functionalities and requirements

The implementation of the PIM system for our client, an association of electrical wholesalers, included the following elements that the PIM system had to have and the work necessary for an effective launch.

  • Access via a web browser for users with appropriate privileges.
  • Product buffer with a dedicated view to manage the product and the entire product database.
  • Import product data and images, including ETIM data with the latest versions 7.0 and 8.0.
  • Import of large amounts of product data provided in BMEcat and XML files with mechanisms for automatic mapping of product fields.
  • Enhancement of the product catalog with additional information, such as membership in buying groups.
  • Server-level configuration of the service to enable API support and communication with other databases and external systems.
  • Automated task system, which allows cyclical generation of reports based on unified criteria and data available in the system, and sending them to a specified email address.
  • Module for automatic updating of product information, such as prices and updating of product files.
  • Monitoring of changes made to the product with full history recording.
  • Migration of existing product data with their attributes and a complete database of related contractors such as manufacturers and suppliers.

Team experience and proven solutions: the key to rapid PIM implementation

The implementation of the Certusoft PIM system for the electrical industry benefited from the experience and knowledge of the team, whose members had already had the opportunity to work on similar projects, as well as the modular Certusoft platform developed over the years. This knowledge allowed the system to be effectively adapted to the needs of the industry and the specific requirements of FEGIME Polska. The implementation also required flexibility and scalability of the system, which was ensured by the use of modern tools and technologies on which the Certusoft application is based.

Agile project management was crucial in the implementation process, which allowed FEGIME Polska to effectively respond to the changing needs of FEGIME Polska and adapt the system to all submitted requirements. The final phase of the project was the migration of product, attribute and contractor data, which allowed the secure transfer of relevant information to the new system and enabled FEGIME Polska to take full advantage of its capabilities from the very beginning.

The implementation went according to schedule, which included a three-month deadline. Although the project was very ambitious and required a lot of work, it was completed ahead of schedule due to effective planning and execution by the design and implementation team.

PIM system: improving the quality and efficiency of product handling

The system makes it easy to manage and update product information, reducing time to market and streamlining warehouse processes. As a result, business partners and their customers have faster access to up-to-date product information, which contributes to greater satisfaction with the services provided by the electrical wholesaler.

The PIM system enables not only easy management of product information but also unification and standardization of product data, allowing for increased quality and availability. Certusoft's built-in helpdesk ensures that the application is maintained, supported and developed according to FEGIME Polska needs, which contributes to long-term satisfaction with Certusoft's services.

Effects of PIM implementation on the electrical engineering industry: the success story

The implementation of the PIM system has allowed FEGIME Polska to significantly improve its business processes by centralizing and organizing product information and access via a web browser. This allows the company and its business partners to manage product information and availability faster and more efficiently, resulting in increased efficiency of operations and time and cost savings. The system also provides support for product data update processes, which is crucial in the rapidly changing electrotechnical industry and the growing collaboration of electrotechnical power plants of FEGIME Polska 's partners.

The implementation of a PIM system for the electrical engineering industry is now increasingly popular around the world, due to the significant impact on business processes and the benefits it brings to companies. The example of the above implementation shows that effective customization of the platform to the specific industry and customer needs, as well as agile project management, are key to the success of such an implementation.

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