Mobile network operator supply chain support software

Mobile network operator supply chain support software

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The project for P4 required the implementation of a new central application and its subsequent integration with existing IT systems. The goal was to ensure communication with sales and WMS (Warehouse Management System) systems.

The aim was to largely automate the process of supplying the operator's entire extensive distribution network. According to the internal security policy and access to ICT systems, employees must have access to applications according to their level of authorization. Due to factors such as the size of the project, the nature of telecom network operations and the company's security policy, the project required all solutions to be installed on P4's infrastructure.

Key challenges

  • Centralized product information database.
  • Integration with WMS system.
  • Demand forecast mechanism.
  • Automatic generation of proposals for supply plans.
  • Approving, accepting, and editing products in the supply plan.
  • Preparation and ordering of purchase orders for products.
  • Preparing and sending production orders to producers.
  • Integration with SAP for order management.

Used IT solutions for telecom operator

The Certusoft team has gained experience over the years working for companies such as Softlab Sp. z o.o., Asseco Business Solutions S.A., Asseco Poland S.A. and others. Realistic and forward-looking planning and close cooperation with key users allowed us to successfully implement a new solution for Poland's largest telecommunications operator, the Play mobile network.

  • All tools are included in a central Certusoft application installed on a dedicated server in the customer's infrastructure.
  • The Certusoft PIM module provides product information management as designed.
  • Reliable communication between the application and sales and WMS systems is provided by the Certusoft Connector module.
  • The forecasting toolkit together with Certusoft PROP provides sales analysis over defined periods.
  • Specially developed Certusoft Replenishment and Warehouse modules provide suggestions for the replenishment of warehouses and POS.

Benefits of implementing supply chain support software for Play

  • Employees have a centralized logistics system for sales data analysis.
  • Provided a tool to manage purchasing and production orders with planned budgets.
  • Reduced the organization's workload with automated mechanisms for generating proposals for stock transfers and replenishment.
  • Provided integration of several internal commodity trading systems.
  • Increased liquidity in the trading of high-value goods.
  • Provided a system that is continuously updated and adapted to the needs of a major telecommunications operator.

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