Online store for business partners

Online store for business partners

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Tryumf works with almost 300 business partners. The benefits are mutual. The partners are both customers who can order products on a B2B basis and suppliers of products for the online store. Customers who order medals, cups, trophies or statuettes can choose the supplier who will fulfill their order.

The company's partners have the opportunity to set up their online stores within, which brings many advantages.

Convenient online store launched within the company's main portal

The first advantage is convenience. The business partner benefits from a ready-made solution that is launched for him practically on the spot. Such an online store operates at The website of the online shop is a functional clone of the main Tryumf shop. All products, menus and customer accounts are presented in the same way. Similarly, the product configurator is fully accessible and functional as on the company's main portal.

  • The own online store for business partners.
  • Quick launch of the online store for new partners.
  • All functionalities of the main portal are available to partners.
  • Access to the main product configurator in the partner's online store.

Fulfill customer orders placed in the merchant's online store

The second benefit is order fulfillment. The customer logs in directly to the merchant's website and places orders, which then go directly to the merchant to fulfill. Above all, this is convenient for the customer. They do not have to worry about choosing the right manufacturer to fulfill their order. At the same time, the partner is assured that orders placed in his store will go to him.

  • Customers place orders in a dedicated online store.
  • Orders placed in the partner's store go to the partner for fulfillment.

Another advantage of the unified solution is the convenience for the partner in processing complex orders. We are talking about orders from customers as well as orders that he places with Tryumf. Using the Customer Panel, he can switch between the My Orders and Customer Orders lists with a single click.

  • A customer-partner account on the main portal.
  • Orders to the head office and own orders are managed in one account.

My Orders allows the user to view basic data such as order date, order number, amount, fulfillment status, invoice, shopping cart name used to prepare the order and the ability to print a packing list or barcodes. In addition, it is possible to go to the shipment tracking of the courier company that delivers the order.

Customer orders are characterized by information that is practical for the partner and at the same time quickly accessible. The recipient's data, including the delivery address, telephone number and email address, can be viewed in addition to the order date, order number or amount. The fulfillment status also indicates whether a project was attached to the order, whether additional files were attached, and whether an invoice breakdown is required for the item. The Shopping Cart Name item allows to change the status of the shopping cart and, if there is no shopping cart for an order, to create one.

  • Orders from customers in the affiliate account.
  • View data associated with orders.
  • Information about the attached product design created by the customer using the product configurator on the webshop page.

Promotions for business partners in the online store

With a unified system and portal that serves everyone, individual customers, business customers and partners, it is much easier and more efficient for the company to reach out with special promotions. The system supports over 200,000 customers. With such a number, only well-designed tools allow for convenient marketing activities. Because each customer has his account, it is much easier to prepare special promotions. When a partner logs in to his account, he will see a tab of promotions with information about their number. Each of them can expect a special promotion.

  • Dedicated promotions targeted to each affiliate individually.
  • Information about the number of available promotions on the main page of the affiliate account.

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