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Modern online store

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The company WRI, meeting the needs of the market and the dynamic development of online sales, decided to enter the e-commerce market. The online store for individual customers was launched in April 2022. It's not just a convenient tool for online shopping. It's a whole IT ecosystem that combines the brick-and-mortar store with the new online branch. It has made the daily management of the online store, updating product information, efficient inventory management or order processing seamless. Not only in the context of the online store, but at the level of the entire company. - smart and comfortable online shopping

The business environment and technological developments have changed habits and the way we trade. For the needs of our customers, the Certusoft team created a dedicated online store. The site uses the latest e-commerce solutions. It allows customers to get acquainted with the offer, search for products of interest and place orders comfortably. Currently, the offer focuses on products such as paints, wood protection products, construction chemicals, health and safety products and home-related accessories. All are available daily, 24/7.

Convenience for customers

User friendliness has been a key factor in designing the store website. Online shopping is convenient and fast. Customers can do it no matter what devices they use. Both as a visitor, without the need to create an account, and as a regular customer, by logging into their account created on the site, or using Google or Facebook account.

The online store is responsive, so the shopping experience is excellent on computers as well as tablets and phones. The site adapts to devices, making it even easier for WRI to sell online without duplicating sales channels. There is no need to maintain a separate e-commerce store for mobile and a separate one for computers. One e-commerce store means lower costs, reliable operation, and convenience for customers and employees.

Online store with a wide range of products

Although 2022 is the beginning of the online store, at the very beginning customers could choose from more than 4'500 products. New products are added every day. Eventually, the range of products available in the online store will overlap with the company's brick-and-mortar stores.

How to structure a portfolio of products for sale

The ERP system we created is a tool that allows WRI to manage the product offer both in the stationary stores and in the online store. It is a unified solution, which, on the one hand, reduces the number of activities required to introduce new products into the offer and, on the other hand, does not require the employees in charge of individual sales departments to additionally manage the online store. Products are grouped and linked appropriately. The grouping and bundling of products are carried out at the level of the ERP system. The structure, but also additional categories such as promotions, sales hits, and product recommendations are reflected on the web store page. In case of changing the offer or completely rebuilding the categories, there is no need to interfere with the code of the store page. The menu and product breakdown in the store is done dynamically and automatically after changes are made.

Advanced Product Search Engine

  • Search by manufacturer.
  • Search by Brand.
  • Product Icons.
  • Product names and keywords.
  • EAN Codes.
  • Search by color.
  • Search within product categories.

Product Filters

  • Filter by Product Type.
  • Product Brand Filter.
  • Select Category.
  • Color Filter.

Using a Color Palette in an Online Store

The customer can choose from a defined color palette for products that are available in a wide range of colors, such as paints. The color palette is stored with the product information. Products of the same type but in different colors are related to each other. The system also recognizes parameters such as product capacity and available colors for the selected capacity. All color changes and cross-references between products are done automatically. The customer on the online store page has immediate and reliable information with a visual preview.

  • Presentation of a wide range of colors with a choice.
  • Relating the same products in different colors.
  • Relating color to product capacity.
  • Visual presentation of the selected product and color.

Search products in the online store using color filter

The online store is primarily a wide range of paints. To make it even easier for customers to find the products they are interested in, the website of the online store together with the product management system was equipped with color search. This is not just a search by predefined colors, grouped into categories and reduced to the role of a simple filter. Customers can use the color filter to select or specify the color parameters for the product they are looking for.

Customers have several options for specifying the color. They can select it from the color filter by manually adjusting the color and hue. They can also enter data corresponding to the hue in three color models. The system supports RGB, HSL, and HEX models. Regardless of which parameter the customer uses, the system will automatically search for the right product in the given shade from the product database.

In addition, customers get another very convenient option to search by color. Using the same filter, it is possible to identify the color of any item visible on the device screen. For example, the customer can open a photo he has taken and, inspired by its color scheme, search for paints in similar colors. Using the pipette available in the color filter, the system will recognize the color, determine the parameters and search for products in this color.

Information on product availability at brick-and-mortar locations

The online store operates as a part of the company's entire IT ecosystem. For this reason, the company uses the synergy effect of previous implementations. Inventory information is also stored in the single, centralized product information database. Stock levels can be displayed next to products. A customer shopping online can simultaneously check whether a product is available locally in WRI's branded store.

Shopping cart completion and product notification

The Certusoft ERP system is used to process orders placed on All transactions are registered in the company's back office. The most important aspect was the comfort of the customers. Placing and processing orders, whether on a computer or a mobile device, has several features that improve comfort while increasing sales potential. When adding a product to the shopping cart, the customer sees a reference to related products that may be useful in the context of the product being ordered.

Online payment processing for e-commerce

Efficient payment processing in an online store is all about convenience to complement the online shopping experience. Customers have different shopping preferences. Some customers choose to pick up their goods with cash on delivery, while others prefer to pay by traditional bank transfer. Most, however, choose secure and fast online payment. Customers of store can pay directly after placing an order. Thanks to the integration with PayU, they can make a transfer directly from their bank, and pay with a BLIK code or with a credit card. WRI decided to use the payment processing partner. In addition, thanks to the experience of the Certusoft team, we can offer integrations with other online payment systems such as DotPay and PayPal.

Integration with shipping companies, courier services and postal services

What is e-commerce without efficient shipping? Managing shipments in an ERP system was an undeniable requirement for implementation. The online store allows customers to choose a courier company and point-to-point delivery. Thanks to the integration with the Polish public logistics company InPost, customers can order products with home delivery or pick up their packages 24/7 in a network of more than 16,000 parcel machines. Once an order is placed, the ERP system allows employees to print a parcel label and have the parcels quickly picked up by the courier company, thanks to the mentioned integration. In addition, the customer receives an email with information about the preparation of the package with the order and its number.

Software Dashboard functionalities for the WRI team

The online store could not operate without the support of a comprehensive ERP system. The Certusoft ERP system implemented at WRI has been gradually extended with additional modules supporting more business areas and needs of the company.

Certusoft PIM enabled the unification of all databases, allowing the management of product information at the level of the entire organization, all points of sale.

Certusoft DMS ensures efficient circulation of documents, starting from order documents, through internal documents, to financial documents at different administrative levels of the company.

Certusoft MWM (warehouse management mobile app) for mobile devices supports employees in handling goods deliveries, inventory control and checking product availability at all points of sale.

Certusoft Complaint management system provides efficient handling of complaints, both from customers and to the company's suppliers.

The cooperation with other IT systems is completed by the Certusoft Connector module, which ensures reliable communication, consistency and correctness of transferred data.

Advantages of implementing the online shop

The online store was created to meet market trends. It uses the potential of previous implementations, such as unification of scattered databases, integration with existing WRI systems, a centralized system for managing product information, mobile support for employees of the company's stores and warehouses, and centralization of document circulation and handling of complaints. The company now has a consistent and reliable environment. From selling exclusively in brick-and-mortar stores, the company has now entered the e-commerce market with its brand.

The system runs on a SaaS model, in cloud computing. This guarantees reliability and security, as well as scalability and easy development. The shop is a perfect example of this. It is not only the employees who got a unified tool for their work. It is the customers who have the opportunity to order goods comfortably, and access information at any time, regardless of time, from any device equipped with a web browser.

The Certusoft system is built on a modular basis and all components are flexible. The Certusoft team is constantly responding to WRI's needs. Regular updates of the application are in line with changing regulatory requirements, reported development needs and emerging trends.

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