International e-commerce platform

International e-commerce platform

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More than 25 years of continuous development of Tryumf and the company's desire to enter the e-commerce market with its wide range of products, led to the natural need to build a web portal with the facilities to fully support it. The company delivers its products to customers in more than 40 countries around the world. Individual customers as well as companies, institutions, organizations, associations, foundations or sports clubs are interested in its products. Online sales are not the only element of success. The company's clients are also business partners who need additional functionality. Our solution includes the needs of the company, all groups of customers and partners. One portal ensures smooth collaboration for all participants. We are proud to say that we were able to meet all the requirements of this implementation.

Convenient online shopping for everyone

Based on the graphic design prepared by the Tryumf team, we prepared a dedicated e-commerce solution. Under a single address, it is possible to purchase prizes, personalize selected products, operate a partner network, process orders from partners and orders to partners, as well as set up online stores for partners.

Online store management and administration

Store management for individual customers, B2B customers, and business partners is done in one system and available on one website. The portal site adjusts appearance and functionality depending on user permissions. The Certusoft solution supports multiple languages. Site menus and product groups are dynamically generated based on product grouping in the ERP system, in the portal management module.

The website of the store is updated after each change in the structure of the offer at the system level. Tryumf employees do not need to work at the code level. Product descriptions, as well as the site's menu, are automatically adapted to the customer's language after detecting the language settings of their web browser. Customers can choose to shop in Polish, English, French, German, Russian or Italian.

Translations and interface languages are not limited to the web portal. The interface of the ERP system for the management of all sales channels, product offers or sales is also available in several foreign languages. Our solution can be easily used by foreign employees and partners. The system is well-designed and allows us to add support for more foreign languages and translations with the growth and new needs of the company and customers.

One solution, one portal, and as many as three online stores - all managed from a single site

Each customer, distributor, supplier and partner has its user account. The account works within the portal and can be used on all affiliate portals. The same implementation runs both the portal and the service. There is no separation into three independent portals and online stores. Undoubtedly, this is a comfort for the users, the safety of operation, ease of management and lower costs for the implementation of online sales.

Convenient and fast B2B order processing

The company's business partners order goods directly from the store. The nature of these orders is based on a B2B relationship. Partners can quickly and conveniently place orders for larger quantities of products. The Quick Orders functionality has been created for this purpose. It can be accessed from the main page immediately after login. Orders can be placed using the list of products without displaying their photos.

Easily create statues for anyone

Both individual and business customers can create their Tryumf product designs for a variety of sports, corporate, family and many other events. A product configurator - the Tryumf Platform - has been created for this purpose. It is a simple design tool that allows any user, even if they are not logged in to the store's website and have no experience, to prepare the product they are interested in. The configurator is available to both individual and business customers, as well as corporate partners. Customers can choose from more than 1,000 ready-made designs, edit them and create their own.

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