E-commerce for B2B trade

E-commerce for B2B trade

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The Lobo Group needed to strengthen its collaboration with an increasing number of business partners in response to its rapid growth. The business environment and technological developments were changing habits and the way of doing business. E-commerce started to play a key role. The Certusoft team prepared a solution to enable online sales, which at the same time is part of an already implemented business management program. Our toolkits are used to manage product information, customer orders, terms and conditions, promotions or loyalty programs. Certusoft ERP system allows the Lobo team to effectively manage the commercial process, and the toolkit is the foundation of any modern e-commerce store.

E-commerce at Lobo Group is:

  • Management of a database of more than 5,000 clients.
  • Convenient access to the e-commerce store for business customers.
  • Always up-to-date product information.
  • Individual business conditions.
  • Promotions management.
  • Improve business relationships through loyalty programs.
  • Fulfill orders placed online.

E-commerce in practice at Lobo Group

The dedicated web portal for business customers was a key component of the implementation. The e-commerce store works on computers and mobile devices. Each customer has a dedicated account on the portal. Due to the business nature of the relationship, B2B customer accounts are created by Lobo's sales managers. They define each time access to promotions, loyalty programs, and set purchase limits or payment terms. All this information is visible to the customer after logging into the individual account, both on the phone and on the computer.

Configuration of e-commerce product listings

Proper presentation of the offer on the portal is extremely important. The Certusoft system for companies allows employees to manage the entire offer without the need to work in the code of the online store website.

  • Product catalog with groups for store menu.
  • Up-to-date product descriptions and images through integration with a digital content provider.
  • Set product prices, including individual or group price lists.
  • Create promotions for products.
  • Define loyalty programs.

Offer on the site and place orders

Customers can place orders by logging into their accounts. Some affiliates operate in multiple locations and receive orders from several different Lobo warehouses. Such customers can select the branch where the order will be placed when logging in. The displayed offer accurately reflects the configuration prepared by the employees at the system level. There are no errors or mistakes. The list of products is constantly updated, and promotions for selected products and product groups are always visible to the targeted customers.

  • Select a warehouse to place an order.
  • Manually adding products to your shopping cart.
  • Support for multiple baskets simultaneously.
  • Ability to move and copy products between baskets.
  • Import products from files (including Excel, CSV, PC Market).
  • Renewal of historical orders.
  • Rounding of orders to purchase units.
  • Product search (symbol, name, EAN).
  • Filtering the list of products (manufacturer, variety, brand, promotion).
  • Use of promotions.
  • Information about the availability of products in different promotions.
  • Information about the need to meet the conditions for free delivery.

Customer panel on the B2B portal

The system puts many conveniences in the hands of customers. Most of the purchase and billing issues are handled by the customers themselves. The customer panel on the e-commerce portal is a simple and intuitive handling of the commercial process.

  • Orders history.
  • Access to the list of invoices.
  • Ability to export invoices in various formats (including PDF, ECOD).
  • Visibility of own terms of business.
  • View and status of invoices.
  • Aging of invoices (list, chart).
  • Access to your company data.
  • List of available loyalty programs.
  • Ability to become a member of loyalty programs.
  • Loyalty program budget information.

Product Database Management

Ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information was a priority. The FMCG industry is highly dynamic, and e-commerce sales need to be just as dynamic. Up-to-date descriptions, professional images and current product parameters are crucial. The Certusoft PIM system integrates and enriches data from other systems. In the first step, all information is downloaded from Lobo's other systems. Secondly, the product base is enriched through integration with the digital content provider Nielsen Brandbank. This provider operates in the markets of 39 countries and is a partner of more than 52,000 brands, 700 distributors and wholesalers worldwide.

The prepared information is used in the e-commerce store. Employees no longer have to manually enter and sort product information. This is not only a convenience but also a new quality for customers, who always get the most up-to-date information about the product they want to buy.

Offer always tailored to the customer

Lobo's partners receive individually prepared commercial offers. Without a system solution for calculating prices and preparing offers, e-commerce sales would be far from optimal. The Certusoft modules, specially designed for the preparation of offers, allows the Lobo team to take into account the individual trading conditions of customers. Offers are presented in the form of newsletters with the possibility to download them in PDF format. Newsletters are displayed individually after the customer logs in to his account. The fact that they are interactive means that a customer interested in an offer, after clicking on it, is taken directly to the list of products included in the offer and can start placing an order. A complete list of products and all promotions included is not only a convenience for the customers themselves, but also increases sales momentum.

Tools for creating and managing promotions

The growing e-commerce market requires the best shopping experience. As part of a project for the Lobo Group, to ensure the best quality, tools were implemented to prepare and manage special promotions. The company's employees freely use products, and product groups to prepare the best promotions for groups of customers and individual customers. Promotions are dedicated because ultimately each customer sees their terms and conditions after logging in to the e-commerce store. All the information about the promotion, such as its name, the products covered by the promotion, and the conditions to be fulfilled, are visible in real-time and dynamically updated. The Certusoft system allows you to configure the dependency of several promotions in such a way that the customer gets the freedom of choice. After applying for a promotion, the user can always see which promotion covered the item in the shopping cart. The final decision to apply the promotion remains with the customer. In this way, the benefits of shopping are always shared by both parties to the transaction.

Order processing and integration with other systems

All orders placed by customers are visible in the Certusoft ERP system. For processing orders and issuing sales documents, our team has implemented integration with Asseco Softlab ERP. As a result, once an order is placed and closed, the data is sent to the ERP system for warehouse and accounting processing. The Certusoft system provides all the necessary data to create a sales document. It should be noted that the entire solution takes into account the correct calculation of the price based on predefined price lists, discounts, promotions and loyalty programs according to the business conditions adopted by the company. Once an invoice is issued by the ERP system, it is downloaded to Certusoft in the correct order. Invoices are available to the employees of the company as well as to the customer. Each invoice is available in its user account in the Lobo e-commerce portal.

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