Mobile apps

Mobile apps are a great complement to your business and an opportunity to grow even faster. Increase the efficiency of your business and move business processes outside the office or warehouses.

Our mobile apps combine the functionality of ERP and WMS systems with the advantages of mobile devices and wireless connectivity. This is our mobile support for your company and your employees.

Modern business systems are mobile. Our latest apps run on any device with a web browser. They are independence from operating systems like Android or iOS. The flexibility of such a solution ensures rapid scaling and support dynamic growth of any business. The mobile app that is always ready to go.

  • Warehouse Management mobile app.
  • Mobile delivery and fulfillment app for drivers.

Mobile applications support existing enterprise systems

Mobile applications can complement other systems already in use in your organization. They will complement areas of the business where the company has not previously used modern mobile IT solutions.

We have experience integrating our mobile applications with WMS, financial and accounting systems, sales systems, ERP systems, and systems that support a company's supply chain.

Our modern mobile apps for business can be integrated with:

  • WMS systems,
  • ERP systems,
  • sales systems,
  • barcode scanners,
  • NFC proximity readers,
  • QR code scanners,
  • warehouse terminals,
  • POS Cash Register,
  • mobile printers,
  • label printers,
  • and other systems used by your company.

Warehouse management mobile app

Certusoft MWM application support all warehouse processes. It allows you to prepare documentation, manage deliveries, execute warehouse transfers or take inventory. All within a coherent company ecosystem.

Basic functionality of the warehouse management application

  • Deliveries admissions.
  • Goods status check.
  • Preparing orders.
  • Warehouse inventories.
  • Internal transports.
  • Goods issue.
  • Goods transfers.
  • Locations goods issue.

Advantages of Certusoft MWM warehouse app

  • Mobile support for all warehouse processes.
  • Integrity with ERP system.
  • Availability on any mobile device regardless of the operating system.
  • Security through the use of encryption and individual employee accounts.
  • Up-to-date thanks to ongoing and automatic app upgrades without involving company employees.

Mobile delivery and fulfillment app for drivers

Certusoft Mobilny Kierowca (Mobile Driver) is a mobile solution designed to support drivers in the field. Preparation of transport orders, management of transport orders, control of delivery or delivery time take place in the ERP system.

Orders are processing by a driver with an app on his business phone.The data is updated regularly, the system allows to control the use of the entire fleet of the company and supports our customers' drivers every day. The best mobile app for domestic and international deliveries.

Main functionalities of our mobile app for drivers

  • Driver route planning.
  • Accepting orders and route initiation.
  • Orders status information.
  • Route pinpoints.
  • Route transfer to device satnav app.
  • Tasks to be completed at points.
  • Distribution of documents.
  • Goods issue.
  • Reporting discrepancies in delivery.
  • Cash collection.
  • Printing on a mobile printer.
  • Mobile cash register status.

Advantages of the Certusoft Mobile Driver solution

  • Support to drivers in the execution of transport orders.
  • Unification through the ability to manage orders at the back office level.
  • Convenience of mobile app use on any device, such as a phone or handheld device.
  • Comfort with the ability to print documents on mobile printers.
  • Data security ensured by encrypted protocols and individual driver accounts.
  • Minimize transportation costs through better planning and management of the vehicle fleet.
  • Up-to-dateness of the app without installation need on the device nor involvement of employees or drivers in upgrade process.

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