About company

Our team has more than 25 years of experience developing and implementing business management software!

At our headquarters in Warsaw's Wola district, Poland. We develop a modern ERP system used by our clients doesticly and abroad. We are guided by user-friendliness, security, speed, modernity, cost optimization, and, above all, the ability to adapt our software to any business needs of our clients. We can transfer any business process to our IT system.

Over 27 years old

We develop and implement business management software in the heart of Europe!

The company's history

Our story began in 2012, as Commersoft. At that time, we started building a browser-based ERP system based on Microsoft Silverlight technology.

The most recent history started 2015. We built a state-of-the-art ERP system based on HTML technology, Certusoft ERP system. We prepared and created our outsourcing infrastructure in a professional Data Centre. Our solution operate in this model today and contuinly develop in line with technological trends.



  • Establishment of Commersoft.


  • The creation of Commersoft ERP based on Microsoft Silverlight technology.


  • Establishment of Certusoft.
  • The creation of the Certusoft ERP system based on HTML technology.
  • Setting up and running our own IT outsourcing infrastructure.
  • Begin cooperation with electrical goods distributor Grodno S.A.
  • Begin cooperation with book distributor Platon (Empik Group).


  • Begin cooperation with mobile network operator Play.
  • Begin cooperation with Savpol, a bakery and confectionery supply industry.


  • Begin a partnership with the 'home and garden' hypermarket chain WRI.
  • Beginning to work with financial market companies, brokerage houses, and AIFs.


  • Launching a central system for the supply for network operator Play.
  • Relocation of Certusoft's headquarters to a new location in Warsaw's Wola district, Poland.


  • Launch a new version of the Certusoft ERP system based on Vue.js technology.


  • Launch of e-commerce HIPPER.pl for WRI based on our new technology.
  • Launch of Certusoft MWM (mobile web app) for warehouse management at Grodno S.A.

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