Franchise network management software

A fast-growing franchise business needs the best IT system. Transfer your know-how to modern software solutions and quickly develop your sales network. Control all business processes from warehouse stocking to online sales for all franchisees.

Certusoft software is the best IT system for the franchise network. A set of modules that form a cohesive environment allows you to organize and control the entire sales and cooperation network within a single IT tool.

  • Fully customize the software to match the company's know-how and franchise network model.
  • The central database for high-performance and up-to-date information.
  • Electronic workflow system between franchisor and franchisee.
  • Ability to manage product information at head office and point of sale levels.
  • Dedicated online store for franchisees.
  • Handling a distributed supply chain including dropshipping.
  • Software as a service through cloud application hosting.

Custom-made software for the franchise network model

We provide software fully customized to meet the needs of any of your business models. Depending on the business model adopted, we provide software for franchise and distribution networks.

The flexibility of our solutions and keeping up with trends, allows the software to be expanded with new functionality at any time. Changing a business process or expanding the program with another module is available immediately to all users of the system, from the franchisor's headquarters to the franchisees' outlets and warehouses.

E-commerce support in the franchise network

The flexibility and comprehensiveness of our software allows you to launch new online stores when a new partner joins your business network. Brick-and-mortar sales, online sales through your online store, or the use of external marketplaces are all handled within a well-designed and flexible system.

Dedicated online stores for franchise partners can operate as independent sales channels or as part of the franchisor's portal.

Franchisees have the option to sell according to their plan, the network's plan, or a hybrid model. Each of these scenarios is supported in our system for franchisees.

Information management system for the warehouse franchise network

No matter how extensive the warehouse network of a franchise chain is, our software allows you to take care of stocking and efficient logistics. Warehouse system support software allows you to organize logistics sessions, and transfers between central warehouses and local warehouses. The process can be handled manually by employees, semi-automatically, or fully automated. In any case, it is possible to integrate with sales analysis at the level of the entire chain or individual POS.

Warehouse operations in the franchise network is a process that is further supported by a mobile warehouse application for mobile devices. It's not just an added convenience for employees in warehouse operations or direct sales. It's just as quick to access merchandise information for store customers.

  • Information about the availability of products in the partner's warehouse and the central warehouse.
  • Stock application for cell phones with product status information.

Access to inventory information at each point of sale and the central warehouse can conduct efficient distribution. The central warehouse inventory view can be used by the franchisee for ordering and availability information on the online store website.

Product management in a franchise network

Ensure the dynamic development of your sales network with the PIM system for your franchise network. The central product database is a catalog that allows you to manage all information regardless of the industry in which the franchise network is to operate.

Our software supports several possible scenarios for synchronizing information between the central database and franchisee catalogs. Regardless of which model of product information distribution your company chooses, we will transfer each of them to our information system.

  • Central product catalog for the entire franchisee network.
  • Customized product catalogs for franchisees.
  • Franchisee catalogs with synchronization of information for goods sold throughout the network.
  • Synchronize the latest production information.
  • Inventory synchronization.
  • Synchronization of technical documentation.
  • Product price management at the head office and POS level.

Managing a catalog of millions of products

Your cooperation with your business partners can grow unhindered. A product information management system for a franchise network means you can reign over several million products, at any time. Without worrying about the application slowing down in the case of an extensive sales network. No matter what industry your franchise and distribution network operates in.

  • Product catalog for the FMCG industry.
  • Catalog of products for the food industry.
  • Product catalog for the electrical engineering industry.
  • Product catalog for the publishing industry.
  • Product catalog for dedicated online stores.
  • Product catalog for external marketplace.

Discounts and commissions in the franchise network

Our solution allows you to transfer the rules of cooperation to the franchise management system. This includes the analysis and preview of the anticipated amount of discounts.  The franchisee can control whether the sales or purchase threshold has been reached, and what difference there is to be achieved in order, for example, to enter a higher level of discount or commission. To settle the contract, the system automatically generates settlement documents for the relevant period of the business contract.

Unlimited franchise network development

Bet on a cloud-based system. This gives your virtually unlimited and rapid scaling for your business. Our software allows you to start working with your next franchisee or distributor in a very short time. Quick startup applies to both a sales and warehouse system as well as the launch of a portal for B2B sales or an online store for individual customers that can run within the franchisor's portal.

Advantages of modern software for the franchise network

  • Full software customization with the cooperation model, the technical and business assumptions adopted, and the know-how transferred to franchisees.
  • Electronic documentation workflow for internal and external processes without the need to use additional software or manual synchronization.
  • Support for an extensive network of central warehouses and local warehouses, along with the ability to operate via warehouse management mobile app.
  • Handling domestic and international cooperation, both for franchisees and international online sales.
  • Supporting day-to-day operations and continuously supporting the process of making key strategic business decisions regarding the operations of the entire sales network.

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